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中高压共轨试验台喷油器试验台 HEUI+CRI EPS800

EPS 800 综合试验台功能与特性:◆ 全自动检测所有的电磁阀喷油器和压电喷油器◆ 可自行设置喷油电流曲线、喷射时间及压力◆ 可测试康

应用中高压共轨试验台喷油器试验台 HEUI+CRI EPS800



EPS800 综合试验台

◆ 全自动检测所有的电磁阀喷油器和压电喷油器
◆ 可自行设置喷油电流曲线、喷射时间及压力
◆ 可测试康明斯ISG及压电喷油器
◆ 全自动检测C7/C9/C-9、C3126/3408、福特6.0L等中压共轨ku酷游网址
◆ 全自动检测喷油器的密封性、启动点、预喷、中速、最(大)负荷、测试最(大)压力是2200bar
◇ 博士第三套喷油器维修方案程序及卡具,
◇ 全自动检测喷油器电磁阀的电流、阀组件升程及喷油升程
◆ 工业空调温控油箱,温控范围40±2℃
◆ 原装博世高压共轨系统,CP1油泵
◆ 5.5KW变频电机,可选配不同电源控制
◆ 原装德国精密流量传感器
◆ HEUI系统配备专用柱塞泵
◆ 多种HEUI系统喷油器适配体
◆ 压电喷油器测试系统
◇ 中压回油自动测试
◇ 喷油器响应时间测试
◇ 电磁阀电性能测试
◆ 工业级电脑,Windows XP系统可进行灵活升级、数据处理及功能拓展
◆ 高、中压共轨系统操作台(独立设计),系统可自动切换,自动调压,自动检测
◆ 高、中压共轨系统流量传感器分离,能够更精密控制压力(高压±0.5Mpa,中压±0.2Mpa)
◆ 博世最新原装数据库、HEUI中压原装数据,可定时升级
◆ 原装电流曲线数据外,可自行设置,启动电压、电流,保持电压、电流
◆ 喷油驱动接头具有防短路、打铁功能
HEUI common rail injector test bench EPS800
Function and characteristic:
◆ Automatically test all kinds of solenoid valve injector and piezoelectric injector
◆ User can set the fuel injection current curve, injection time and pressure.
◆ Automatically test C7/C9/C-9、C3126/3408、Ford 6.0L,7.3L, and other HEUI products.
◆ Automatically test the sealing performance, the injection fuel quantity and return volume under the status of idling, pre-injection, middle-speed, full-loaded. The maximum test pressure is 2200 bar.
◇ Bosch 3rd stage repair solutions and tools
◇ Test the current of injector solenoid valve, valve assembly lift, fuel injection lift.
Main configuration:
◆Industrial air conditioner fuel tank to control temperature at 40± 2 ℃ accurately.
◆Equip with original Bosch common rail system and CP1 pump
◆5.5KW variable frequency motor can be equipped with different power control.
◆Equipped with original German high-precision flow sensor
◆ Equipped with special ram pump for HEUI testing system.
◆ Automatically test the oil return of the HEUI
◆ Electrical performance test for solenoid valve
◆Various HEUI system injector fixtures
◆Piezoelectric injector test system
◆Automatic test of medium pressure return oil
◇Response time test of fuel injector
◇Electromagnetic performance test of solenoid valve
System advantage:
◆ Industrial computer with Linux system to achieve flexible upgrading  , data processing and functional expansion
◆ Independent design for the console of high pressure and medium pressure common rail system, automatic system switching, automatic pressure regulating, automatic detection
◆ The separation of flow sensor for high and medium pressure common rail system ensure more precise control of pressure (high pressure ± 0.5Mpa, medium pressure ± 0.2Mpa)
◆ Bosch latest original database, HEUI medium pressure in the original data, can be scheduled to upgrade
◆ HEUI common rail injector test bench besides original current curve data, user can set start voltage, current, hold voltage, current himself.
◆ The drive connector of the fuel injection has the function of anti-short circuit.
◆Standard Configuration    ◇Optional Configuration