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High pressure common rail test bench EPS915

共轨试验台EPS915流行型共轨测试仪EPS915是在BOSCH EPS708的基础上开发的。测试工作台已投入市场十年。十年来,我们改进了ku酷游网址技术和升级

applicationHigh pressure common rail test bench EPS915

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Product Overview


流行型共轨测试仪EPS915是在BOSCH EPS708的基础上开发的。测试

◆全自动检测DENSO HP0泵。

◇EUI / EUP电子单元泵/泵喷嘴测试功能(可选)

◇HEUI Carter中压共轨测试功能(可选)
◇常用型共轨测试仪自动测试CAT C7 / C9 / C-9 / C3126 / 3408中压共轨喷油器(HEUI)。


◆配备双德国高精度流量传感器,流量范围为0.008-4L / Min,测试精度为0.3%。
◆输出功率(可选):7.5KW / 11KW / 15KW / 18.5KW / 22KW功率可选。


Popular Type Common Rail Test Bench EPS915
Popular Type common rail tester EPS915 is developed on the basis of BOSCH EPS708.The test
bench has been put into the market for ten years.In ten years, we improved product technology and upgraded equipment software.This test bench have been recognized by customers all over the world.
Main functions:
◆ Popular Type Common Rail Test Equipment EPS915 result shows that the 12 cylinder oil pump can be tested. Result shows that the oil volume of the 8 cylinder oil pump can be tested.
Two, high pressure common rail test function:
◆ Fully automatic detection of BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO, SIEMENS and other brand models of electromagnetic injector and piezoelectric injector.Automatically test different models solenoid valve injectors and piezo injector
◆ Automatically test all high-pressure common rail pumps.
◆ Fully automatic detection of DENSO HP0 pump.
EUI/EUP electronic unit pump / pump nozzle test function (optional)
Fully automatic detection of BOSCH, CAT, CUMIMINS, DELPHI, Benz, Volvo and other types of pump nozzle and single pump, as well as double solenoid valve injector.
Equip NT1500 High precision (BIP) CAM drive 
HEUI Carter medium voltage common rail test function (optional)
◇Popular Type common rail tester automatic test CAT C7/C9/C-9/C3126/3408 medium pressure common rail injector (HEUI).
◇Automatic detection of all actuating pumps.
◇Automatically test all HEUI actuating pump
Automatically test VP37,VE37and VP44 pump test system.(optional)
Main configuration:
◆ Industrial Air-conditioner, Double temperature control stainless steel tank  to keep the oil temperature controlled at 40±2℃.
◆ Equipped with original Bosch DRV and ZME, the rail pressure controlled at ±0.5Mpa,temperature control rail pipes, the rail pressure range at 0-250Mpa.
◆ Equipped with dual Original Germany high precision flow sensor, the flow range is 0.008-4L/Min, the test precision is 0.3%.
◆ Compact universal stand can test 6 solenoid valve injectors or Piezo injectors successively at one time.
◆ Output power (optional):7.5KW/11KW/15KW/18.5KW/22KW power is optional.
System advantage:
◆ Popular Type common rail tester use embedded industrial computer system: high speed operation and stable performance.
◆ Original Bosch test bench database. Current curve can be set. Test accuracy similar with the world-leading test bench.
◆ Generate Bosch.Denso.Delphi injector IMA Code.
◆ Include Chinese, English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Portuguese operating interface, which is proper for global using all around the world.
◆ System wireless connection,remote control is convenient for service and software upgrade.
◆Standard Configuration    ◇Optional Configuration

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