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High-pressure common rail test bench technical analysis - diesel engine

Technical Analysis of High Pressure Common Rail Test Bench - Diesel Engine The high pressure common pressure pipe is a forged steel pipe with an inner diameter of 10 mm. The injectors of each cylinder are connected to the oil rail through their respective oil pipes.
The role of the common rail can be understood as two points:
Accumulate and distribute high pressure fuel;
Reduced pressure fluctuations: fluctuations in the intermittent supply of the plunger; fluctuations in the short injection of the injector; the relief valve of the high pressure common rail acts to open the relief when the pressure limit is exceeded The mouth is used to limit the pressure in the oil rail, and the vertebral head of the plunger and the sealing seat of the valve body are kept closed. Under normal pressure, the spring presses the plunger tightly on the sealing seat to keep the common rail tube closed; When the pressure exceeds the maximum pressure of the system, the spring is compressed, the plunger is jacked up, the fuel overflows from the rail, and the rail pressure drops.

The common rail to the flow restrictor between the cylinders is mainly to ensure the safety of the engine, so that the flow from the common rail to the nozzle is limited, thereby protecting the engine overload, which is when the solenoid valve of a certain cylinder fails, the mechanical machine A device that guarantees that the engine is not damaged.

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