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Fuel system maintenance and repair of common rail injector test bench

1. Regularly check the AC power cord of the high-voltage common rail test bench for damage, and whether the power plug or power socket is dusty or not;
2. The operator should wear safety glasses during the operation of the controller;
3. If the power supply voltage of the high voltage common rail test bench is unstable, please connect the controller to the power supply regulator;
4. If the control unit is abnormal, or an abnormal sound or smell is emitted, or the controller is hot enough to be touched, stop using it immediately, and unplug the AC power cord and all other cables from the power outlet;
5. The high-voltage common rail test bench is preferably used with a separate dedicated socket and reliably grounded. The power cord of this controller is a three-wire plug that is connected to a standard three-wire socket. Please make sure that it is grounded.

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