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Daily maintenance of fuel injection pump

(1) The fuel injection pump is the "heart" of the diesel engine, so the fuel injection pump must be properly maintained.
(2) When installing the fuel injection pump on the diesel engine, the advance angle of the oil supply must be checked; after the diesel engine is running for 500 hours, the fuel supply advance angle should be re-examined.
(3) The national standard light diesel oil must be used, and the diesel oil should be filtered through 48 to 96 hours.
(4) Pay attention to the cleanliness of the diesel fuel tank and the diesel filter.
(5) Check the oil in the governor daily, and add it in time when it is insufficient.
(6) There is a skeleton oil seal between the fuel injection pump and the governor, and oil should be added separately.
(7) If the oil level is increased due to the dilution of the oil, it indicates that the fuel injection pump and the oil pump are seriously leaking oil and should be removed in time.

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